Vasilion Photography | Square Metal Prints
I love metal prints. I think they're a fun, modern way to display photographs! The prints offered here come from my personal collection of garden and travel photographs.

These prints are sold in sets of two, four, and six, allowing you to create the perfect combination for your wall. The metals are scratch resistant and can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.

Contact me if you are interested in larger print sizes!

There are NO returns on purchases.
RaindropsBachelor ButtonWhitecap PeonyBlack-eyed SusanRanunculusDaisyGay Paree PeonyMediterranean BellsDolphinsEiffel TowerHobbitonHobbitonHobbitonHobbitonHobbitonHobbitonHobbitonHobbitonHobbitonHobbiton